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Mission At Orange

Guitar Techniques magazine in the 1990's had a series called 'Guitar on the Edge'. In the April 1996 edition this featured Bill Ruppert playing a piece called Mission At Orange. Unfortunately this issue of Guitar Techniques is relatively hard to come by now. Hence we copied the solo from the magazine into Guitar Pro 6 and put together the package you can download below. We contacted Guitar Techniques magazine to ensure we weren't infringing any copyrights but have thus far failed to get a reply. The zip file contains the original audio track with commentary, as well as the score in both pdf and Guitar Pro 6 (.gpx) format.

Download Mission At Orange

Paganini Caprice 16

For improvisers, learning single note music written for other instruments is one of the most helpful things you can do. There is a tendency when improvising to fall back on standard scale fingerings and shapes. Studying music from other instruments breaks us out of this as the original composer certainly wouldn't have taken these standard patterns into consideration when composing. As well, studying music from other instruments seems to really boost overall technique development. One of our favorites for guitarists is Paganini's 16th Caprice. There are a huge number of 'non-guitar' style lines in this piece making it a must-learn! The zip file contains our transcription in both pdf and Guitar Pro 6 (.gpx) format.

Download Paganini Caprice 16