About Us

playing live

Expmuse is run by the husband and wife team of Andrew and Megan Klinkhamer. Megan is and always has been a huge music fan, listening to everyone from Handel to Sigur Ros. She's responsible for customer support at Expmuse. She's also responsible for using up most of our internet download allowance at home listening to music on YouTube.

Application development is handled by Andrew, who spent 10 years working as a fulltime guitar teacher before taking up computer science studies. After finishing study he worked in the eticketing industry for a number of years. He subsequently worked as a developer for Compac Sort before moving to Sportsground. In his spare time he hones his guitar skills, makes notes on the effect of various practice approaches on his abilities and plays in local bands. Musically Andrew is influenced by everyone from Eric Dolphy to Johnny Marr.

Andrew started work on Metronome EXP in 2010, releasing it on the internet on 9 March 2011. Our latest product is the Pro version of Metronome EXP.

The biggest influence in our lives is undoubtedly our slightly post modern Christian faith. If you ever want to hear what this has done for us please don't hesitate to get in touch.